Take The Stress Test

Are you or do you… Constantly Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
1. Feel nervous or tense most of the time?
2. Feel bad-tempered, on the edge or just irritable?
3. Smoke and drink more than average?
4. Take tranquillisers or other mood related drugs?
5. Find it hard to concentrate for long or make simple decisions?
6. Always feeling tired out or exhausted?
7. Worried that you are cracking up?
8. Short of breath all the time?
9. Not interested in sex?
10. Lack of confidence in yourself?
11. Want to cry for seemingly no good reason?
12. Get a sudden feeling of panic or doom?
13. Find it hard to sleep at night?
14. Always getting headaches and aches and pains?
15. Feel dizzy or faint?
16. Not eating at regular times?
17. Worry about what the future holds?
18. Feel despondent?
19. Feel out of control?
20. Feeling of anger and frustration?


Over 40 points indicates a very high stress level and you need to seek professional help.
There is a dangerous risk of illness over the next 2 years.

20-30 points means it’s time to look at your life and make changes to lower your level.
There is a 50% increase in the risk of illness over the next 2 years.

Below 20 points shows a low stress level with no significant health risk