We provide a range of services to meet your individual needs, be it from a company wanting help to implement good HR processes around mental health issues, to an individual requiring personal support.

Mental Health Consultancy

MTCIC offers a range of support to organisations to meet their responsibilities under Health & Safety requirements relating to mental health at work. We will help to put in place good working practices, deliver training to managers, staff and HR departments and will offer tailor made one- to- one or group sessions. These sessions will include how to recognise mental ill health and effective ways to support staffs that are suffering, in a way that is of benefit to you both.

We also offer bespoke employee support services that can include, counselling, coaching/mentoring and clinical psychological assessments.

For an initial conversation about your needs and our pricing structure please contact Sue Jay for more information

Psychological Therapies

We provide a range of therapies which are designed to offer support and treatment for a wide variety of conditions such as; Anxiety , Depression, Stress, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Fears and Phobia’s, Bereavement, Relationship Issues, Family Crisis , Trauma or Anger Management. We also offer support to people with complex needs.

You may also want to use our therapies for your own personal development.


We have a range of Counsellors and Life Coaches to whom we are able to match your needs. They can see you at this time by telephone and video calling.

All clients are offered an initial assessment to establish the best course of treatment or therapy.

We provide therapy to individuals, young people or couples.

Some of the therapies on offer are:-

Psychodynamic Person Centred, Gestalt, Integrative, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Focusing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Brief Solution Focused, EMDR, CfD and DIT therapies.  We also offer Lifespan Integration therapy which works on a deep level to promote rapid healing in adults who were abused or neglected as children, PICT which assists the client to bring about rapid and positive change, Emotional Freedom Technique, an energy therapy rather like acupuncture but without the needles  which can lead to remarkable alterations in the body’s energy patterns and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which teaches clients to follow the inherently intelligent processes of body and mind to promote healing.  It is particuarly helpful in working with the effects of trauma and abuse, emotional pain and limiting belief systems.

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Computerised CBT

MTCIC offer supported computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Why do you need support? Research shows that this form of treatment for depression and anxiety is more effective if it is delivered in a supportive way. MTCIC will assist you through the sessions, be there as a back- up if things get tough and will be able to offer additional advice and support if required

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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing resolves symptoms from disturbing and unresolved life experiences. When someone witnesses or experiences a distressing event it sometimes happens that they are unable to process the experience. This can result in the memory of the experience being held in the brain in such a way that recalling the memory causes a detailed re-experiencing of the event which can add to the trauma. It can be experienced as if the event is happening again. Sometimes people will work hard to avoid thinking about the experience, for example by avoiding places or events which might remind them, so as to reduce the chance of unpleasant memories visiting them.

It has been found that alternating left/right stimulation of the brain, either by moving the eyes from side to side, tapping alternate sides of the body or listening to sounds presented to alternate ears can help to unblock the memory allowing the brain to reprocess it. This allows the memory to be re-filed in a way which helps to separate it from the intense emotions and other sensations that it used to trigger.

The technique has been found to be effective in a wide range of traumatic experiences for example war, terrorism, sexual or physical abuse, natural disasters and accidents. It removes painful memories by behavioural techniques. It is used in the treatment of trauma after accidents or disturbing events and phobias.

Acorn Counselling Service

For Clients…

Acorn Counselling Service is a low cost counselling service offering personal and confidential support from trained counsellors who are on placement with us to accrue hours towards their accreditation.

We offer personal and confidential support from trained counsellors. They will provide an opportunity to talk about various issues such as relationship problems, family difficulties, personal crises or bereavement.

Counselling involves exploring your feelings, challenging your thinking and behaviour’s in order to take responsibility for yourselves and effect change. The process will help to build self-esteem and aid in your ability to communicate more effectively with others.

Sessions are recommended weekly and last for 50 minutes. If required, an initial assessment is carried out over the phone for free, there is a fee of £25 per session with the opportunity for short or long term therapy. We do also sometimes have reduced cost sessions avaliable please ask for details.

This service is offered face to face or video (teams)/telephone.


Counsellor Placements

Acorn Counselling Service is a low cost counselling service provided by MTCIC. We are offering placements to counsellors who are in their final diploma year and who wish to accrue counselling hours towards accreditation. We will provide monthly group supervision with a qualified supervisor and  travel expenses will be paid. We will be offering opportunities to work with short or long term therapy as appropriate.

If you are interested in a placement with our organisation, please contact us, either by phone or email, for an expression of interest form.