FishWell is a joint initiative from the Fishermen’s Mission and Seafarers Hospital Society, working in partnership with MTCIC and local community organisations/groups to deliver sustainable improvement in the health and mental wellbeing of fishermen and their families in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Funded by Seafarers UK, the SeaFit programme started in July 2018, FishWell covers numerous aspects of mental health and wellbeing and provides a range of services direct to the fishing community.

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Health Checks

A Health Check is designed to identify the early signs of certain conditions. For people who are over 40 years it’s important to attend health checks as there are higher risks of certain conditions developing.

You can find your nearest NHS Health Check facilities by looking at what is available in your area. To find more information on how and where to get a health check in your locality look up the NHS Health Check programme in your area or contact your local council.

Mental Health

In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 8 men have a common mental health condition. However, men are often more uncomfortable with seeking help and support. While both genders will experience the same struggles with mental health, some difficulties will be especially pertinent to men.
For example, some research has shown that traditional and stereotypical masculine traits such as ‘strength’ and ‘stoicism’ can have an adverse effect and result in many men feeling unable to speak about their emotions.
The reality is, issues such as work, finances, health and relationships can take a toll on mental health and general wellbeing, regardless of gender. If you would like further support and information regarding mental health and wellbeing you should contact your GP.

Alternatively, you can find what help is available in your county through the NHS or your local council.